iOS 13 : Siri create reminders based on conversations

During a discussion in Messages with iOS 13, Siri will be able to detect a response that can give rise to the creation of a reminder. After 3 betas, however, the function still required to have switched to its system in English in order to walk. It is expected to be available in French by the final version.

It is in the framework of an exchange that Siri can identify a response that can be transformed into a task in Reminders. Example : your friend asks you to take milk on the way home, you answer that you will do it in the day. As soon as an alert Siri, at the top of the screen, you will create a task from this dialog.

A tap and you switch in the interface for creation of a reminder where, by default, Siri has preset the task for today at noon. As to the title of this task, it is also predefined, depending on what you asked the other person.

Another example, where we said that we will do tomorrow what is asked for. Again, Siri suggests to create a task for the next day’s lunch, with as the name of this recall the question from your interlocutor.

It remains to be seen how the responses will be strategically detected. In our tests, it was not enough to respond by a date to make sure Siri is activated. It was necessary to point out that it was going to do this action. In other words, a phrase such as “Yes tomorrow” gives nothing, but “Yes, I’ll do it tomorrow” react to Siri.

There is another integration of Siri with Messages in iOS 13, in which the wizard notifies you that a task in Reminders is related to the contact with whom you are discussing. For this it is necessary to have previously created a task involving this person (read more about task Manager : Apple beats the Reminders in iOS 13).

This ability of Siri to insert in conversation is switchable, as with all the apps. This is part of the wizard options located in the settings of iOS. As to Catalina, this function is a priori expected also for Messages, but it is not visible with the last beta dated.