Ivana Trump : Her ex is a coward on her children, “abhorrent and stupid”

Wednesday, 26 June 2019, Ivana Trump, ex-wife of the american president Donald Trump, revealed to no longer be in a relationship with Rossano Rubicondi after ten years of relationship. “I am again a single woman (…) The long distance relationship was not working really. We had a great time and we remain friends. The break was amicable,“was a billionaire in an interview with the american website Page Six. Obviously, their separation has left a bitter taste among the host of Italian television, since it’s in the same columns that it has settled its accounts with the three children of his ex-wife, Ivanka (37 years old), Donald Jr (age 41) and Eric Trump (35 years).

If he claims to have “respect” for Ivana Trump, Rossano Rubicondi openly says “not to be a fan of the rest of his family“. “They were wicked and vulgar with me. Again and again, I heard words that I did not appreciated. I don’t care who is your father or your mother, you do me not speak like that“, he explains to Page Six, obviously irritated. The 47-year-old explained that the three children of his ex-wife had that money in mind. “I don’t know if they didn’t like me, but these people only think of money. They have no heart. This is garbage, “says Rossano.

Donald Jr is a idiot, a moron“, said he. Our colleagues indicate that the host Italian has explicitly requested that the word “asshole” to be written “in capital letters“. He adds : “They are no person. They are repugnant. We are talking about children that are really stupid, except Ivanka. This are bullshits. Before that does it say anything about me, I’m going to tell them to wash the mouth with soap. They are a shame to the human race“, he concludes, in a fit of rage. A man in anger.