Jeff Bezos : The divorce outside the norm of the richest man in the world pronounced

The divorce of Jeff Bezos (55 years old) and MacKenzie Bezos (49 years old) has been finalized on 5 July 2019 with an agreement of approximately 38 billion dollars. The novelist will receive approximately 19.7 million shares this will give him a 4% stake in the company of her ex-husband. With the win, she climbed to the 22nd place in the ranking by Bloomberg billionaires. The ex-wife of Jeff announced that it would give its entire stake in the Washington Post. It also gave the company space exploration Blue Origin to her husband, as well as the voting rights associated with its shares of Amazon remaining. Great lady, MacKenzie has also stated that she was going to give half of his fortune to charities.

Married in 1993, the couple had four children, three sons and a daughter adopted from China. It was in 1994 that Jeff Bezos had created the concept of Amazon alone in his garage in Seattle. It is then quickly became the richest man in the world.

Already a new woman in his life !

Suspected of‘infidelity by his ex-wife, the CEO of Amazon would have had a liaison with host Lauren Sanchez (49 years old). According to Page Six, this is the brother of Lauren, Michael Sanchez, who would have forwarded their exchange of SMS erotic and their intimate photos to the National Enquirer. Since this case, Lauren has been divorced from Patrick Whitesell in April 2019. The couple had two children. Lauren also has a son 18 years of age from a previous union.

According to the Daily Mail, nobody really knows when the relationship between Jeff and Lauren began but the two lovers waiting for the end of their divorces respective before making official their relationship. Page Six revealed earlier : “They could have divorced (their husband’s respective) in a few weeks. They are not for the moment because this is what seems to be the most fair and the best thing to do to protect their children.”

Now, it’s done ! The two lovers should not delay to show up together officially… Jeff Bezos would have even already bought a gorgeous new york city apartments (nearly 80 million) to remake his life with Lauren…