Joss Stone restraint in Iran and expelled: “part of my heart is broken”

The artist, who has still managed to perform in front of a small group in a bar and several small places of Pyongyang, in North Korea, in march, continues his story : “See the good side of things. I was able to tell my story and explain my mission : to give to show the good side of our world. Of course I knew that concert was not an option, but I will keep this idea in mind. If music is my motivation, I don’t have to break the law for as much. Of course there’s music here, but one must respect the rules, and it is a question of trust.

Despite his sadness, Joss Stone insists on a point, she and her team have been treated very well by the iranian authorities : “They were so nice that I wondered if they didn’t try to gain our trust to lead us quietly to prison ? Absolutely not. They were authentic, and sorry not to be able to circumvent the system. Our translator has tried to convince them to lead us to the embassy, but it was impossible. Throughout the process, they will be excused, until we are again in the plane. It is we who would have had to excuse ourselves for not having the right papers.

For several years, Joss Stone visit all the countries of the world, including war zones such as Syria where it is produced in the small town of Al-Malikiyah in early march.