Julian Bugier : Who is his wife Claire ?

From the 15th of July next, the viewers of France 2 will Julian Bugier, the joker d’Anne-Sophie Lapix, to the head of the Journal of 20h. Before this return, the journalist, 37-year-old has agreed to lift part of the veil on his family life and referring to his wife Claire Fournier.

As a reminder, Claire Fournier (47 years) is she also a journalist, she is a native of Tours (Julien Bugier, Blois), she began her career on BloombergTV and then worked on iTÉLÉ in the Journal of The economy as an editor-in-chief. After a passage on France 5 in our business from 2008 to 2013, she is back on iTÉLÉ to talk about economy. Since 2017, Claire Fournier is on LCI, where it ensures the economic columns of the morning of Pascale de la Tour du Pin.

With our colleagues from the magazine Gala, Julian Bugier is particularly back on the birth of their children Lucien, 8, and Gabrielle, 5 years. Modern and committed to equality man-woman, the beautiful thirty-year-old was required to take the eleven days of statutory paternity leave after the birth of her little in order to “allow Claire to rest“. He wished, moreover, that the duration of this leave is extended : “We’re late, stereotypes have the hard life in our country.

Last summer, after having mentioned the first time his “couple modern that manages to be both, “Julian Bugier is entrusted to our colleagues from Télé 7 jours, on his career ambitions : “My ambition is to become the number 1. It is a natural desire when you love your job. I am patient, I learn. It is safe, I wouldn’t be joker ten more years. Seven, it is already long. There will come a time where I’ll ask questions…

A portrait to discover it in full in Gala, currently on newsstands.