Kakao and Samsung "in discussion" on a blockchain collaboration

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Kakao and Samsung "in discussion" on a blockchain collaboration

Articles in South Korea state that the Kakao group could have discussions with Samsung on possible blockchain cooperation.

The main network of Klaytn, a Kakao subsidiary owned by Ground X, has recently been commissioned. Kakao has just announced that he is working on a crypto portfolio capable of managing Klaytn tokens "jointly with several portfolio providers".

Once the portfolio is available, Kakao plans to make blockchain applications (Bapps) available in its own market, without requiring users to download them through the Google Play Store.

However, Fn News quotes an anonymous developer who works for Ground X: "Samsung is currently discussing updating its Samsung Blockchain portfolio to make it compatible with Klaytn's Bapps.

The Samsung Blockchain portfolio is a feature of the company's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10. Earlier this week, Samsung revealed that it wanted to expand the range of dapps available through the portfolio.

Kakao announced that about 50 companies would offer their Bapps in its new market and added that this would not be the only place where users could access Klaytn's Bapps, although the company refrained from mentioning possible partners. The company said: "The new market will not only be available via Kakao. We are looking for ways to make it easier to download Bapps from other companies.

The same media reported that Kakao had refused to confirm or deny whether he was in talks with Samsung. Kakao has also remained discreet about reports that it plans to add a portfolio of crypto-currencies to its KakaoTalk chat application, which has more than 50 million active users.