Kristin Davis in tears about his children, the victims of racism

Kristin Davis is the mother of two children : a boy adopted in 2018 and a daughter, Gemma Rose, was adopted in 2011. Of black children that the actress of 54 years of age, protects as best she can of racism, still very strong in the United States. She spoke, in tears, on television.

Guest of the program, Red Table Talk, for a program titled” Should White People Adopt Black Kids ? (“The Whites should adopt black children ?” in French), Kristin Davis was surrounded by Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield Norris. The former star of Sex and the City has been able to describe his own experience of adoption. “This is what I want to say, I am a white person who has adopted black children : ‘You can not understand totally. No doubt. There is no possible way.’ It is one thing to see the racism to touch the other and it is another when it affects your children and that you have never experienced this. It is a real problem“, she explained.

With tears in her eyes, the former interpreter of the character of Charlotte in the cult series – which also adopts, fictitiously, a small asian girl in the show – has continued his story by telling that she had become aware of prejudices, when people were telling him at the time that her daughter would become “a superb player of basketball” as if all black people were good in this sport, and not elsewhere. An example among others of racism “institutionalized” that it has been able to observe.

And Kristin Davis, who raises alone her children, telling also the time when his daughter could not do the swing at school, because a little white girl refused to give him the place and retained the seat for another little white girl. “It was something very hard to understand. I don’t know a single person of color who has not experienced something similar. I do not know how it is possible to undergo it daily. They make me feel damned pissed off at one point… never I will not accept to be relaxed and deal with it or find it banal racism. But I never will be black… That is the truth, and we must accept it. And so I will never be able to say to Gemma : ‘I understand how you feel, because it happened to me.’ This is what is most painful and difficult“, she added.