Laeticia Hallyday appeals : the time to negotiate ?

On may 28, 2019, the tribunal de grande instance of Nanterre issued an important decision in the conflict between Laeticia Hallyday, widow of Johnny Hallyday, the elders of the rocker, Laura Smet et David Hallyday. The tribunal considers to be competent to decide in this case, namely the validity of the testament to the american star. Laeticia Hallyday is appealing this decision, we learn

Our colleagues remind us that in front of the cameras to the exit of the court, after the decision in favour of Laura Smet et David Hallyday, Me Ardavan Amir-Aslani, advisor, Laeticia Hallyday, had promised that his client would appeal. “Finally, and this is a good war, it will last you in suspense until the end, writes Le Figaro. Laeticia Hallyday has not filed its appeal as the very last day possible to challenge the decision of the TGI, which considers itself to be competent to judge of the estate, according to the French law.” Laura Smet et David Hallyday have learned by letter of 5 July.

The maneuvers to drag this folder have lasted long enough

For Le Figaro, this call buried any hope of negotiations between the two camps… An interpretation probably earlier : in fact, if the widow of Johnny Hallyday decides, for the moment, leave nothing to chance and wants to continue to fight to enforce the choice of her deceased husband, she was also obliged to make this appeal, failing which the decision of the TGI de Nanterre would become final. She has already filed with the court, all the elements that plead in its favor. The lawyer of David Hallyday, Pierre-Jean Douvier, explains in The Figaro work with their : “We are working hard and will be ready by the end of August. The maneuvers to drag this folder have lasted long enough. We want to go as quickly as possible and hope to plead as early as November, December, 2019.” If the court of appeal of Versailles takes this case to the dates announced by the lawyer of David, Laeticia has all the time – and this, until the last moment to withdraw this appeal in order to possibly find an agreement with David and Laura.

This appeal is all the more important that the american justice seems to wait for its resolution before deciding to turn. Recall that Laeticia Hallyday has requested that new goods of the rocker to be added to the Trust JPS, of which she is the sole beneficiary. The american judge requires new elements, including details on the period of the appeal proceedings in France, but also on the exact amount of the legacy left by Johnny Hallyday and the proportion (25%) is guaranteed by French law to his widow Laeticia. A new hearing has been set for February 4, 2020. For Pierre-Jean Douvier, it is “a new setback for Laeticia Hallyday“. And to add : “We are moving well towards the wise result of the existence of four heirs.

In France since a few weeks, Laeticia Hallyday and daughters to get the maximum benefit : a weekend in the Gers, visit to the park Disneyland Paris, short stay with friends in Saint-Tropez, etc., from The sun and close to forget, sometimes, that arm of iron that divides a family.