Laeticia Hallyday : The moving video of the anniversary of Grandma Rock

To celebrate 84 years of Elyette Boudou,Laeticia Hallyday and his family have booked a table at the restaurant Jòia Paris Hélène Darroze. On Saturday, 6 July 2019, the widow of Johnny, has released a video of the moment when Grandma Rock blows his candles. You can see Elyette surrounded by his granddaughter and his great-granddaughter, Jade (14 years). The grandmother kisses her then, affectionately, Joy (age 10), came to seize her.

You are essential Grandma

Laeticia Hallyday’s writing : “Happy Birthday Grandma. 84 years old and still as Rock and Roll. You are essential Grandma, you’re a part of me, the memory of my childhood… We love you safe for always.” A text relating that silenced the rumours of disputes that would have occurred in the wake of the death of the Taulier in December 2017.

In fact, Bernard Montiel had said in January 2019 in the show not Touch my position that Laeticia was on the outs with his entire family, including Grandma Rock. “What is true is that Laeticia, she is really angry with his family. Grandma Rock because she talks too much then it is a brave woman and very friendly. (…) There with his brother for it to pass.” In any case, everything now seems to go in order for the daughter of Françoise Thibaut and Andre Boudou.

The mother of Jade and Joy will also may be proposed in the near future an agreement with David Hallyday and Laura Smet in the quarrel between them, according to the magazine Closer. “A distribution whose (his lawyer) think that it will be accepted by the elders of Johnny.” The end of the war seems so close to the whole clan Hallyday. A very good news !