Laetitia Casta pro Jackets Yellow : “I am of this earth, I do not forget”

Several hundreds of Yellow Vests were demonstrated Saturday 13 July 2019 to Paris, some eight months after the beginning of the movement of social protest. A few rare figures have supported the protesters, like the actress Laetitia Casta. She explained to the Sunday Newspaper.

Previously interviewed by Grazia magazine on the events of the Yellow Vests, the actress of 41 years was explained to support the approach. She keeps his words and give details. “I answered a question. I’m not trying to play a character, to find me the right place to be loved no matter how. I was sincere. I assume my comments. I come from a simple, I felt a sense of solidarity. I have always worked, but I’m lucky : I’m a privileged. I have around me people who are in trouble, simply because it is the reality of life. I never feel far from the people weakened, because my family has experienced financial difficulties. My parents have always lived with the fear of running out of money. I decided to build me out of this fear. But I am of this earth and I won’t forget“, she entrusted to the JDD.

Laetitia Casta, seen recently at the cinema in the film The faithful man directed by her husband, Louis Garrel, declared last march in the pages of the magazine Grazia : “I attach myself to people who have a path of “outsiders”. I took advantage from the beginning of the movement for the yellow vests. Many wondered why, with the train of life of an actress, a supermodel… I’m just reminded of where I came from.” No doubt that the actress made sure to instilling beautiful values in her children, she who is the mother of Sahteene Sednaoui (17 years, born out of his relationship with the photographer franco-american Stéphane Sednaoui), and Orlando and Athena (12 and 9 years old, born from his previous marriage to Italian actor Stefano Accorsi).

Thomas Montet