Laura Smet, her marriage has “taken the lead” on the symbolic date

Johnny Hallyday would not have only been 76 years old on June 15, 2019. This same day, Laura Smet has married religiously Raphael Lancrey-Javal at a ceremony in the church of Our Lady of the Waves of Lège-Cap-Ferret (Gironde). Sublime in a dress designed and made by Delphine Manivet, she has been able to count on the presence of his mother , Nathalie Baye, his big brother David Hallyday, which led up to the altar, her godfather, Dominique Besnehard, but also of her ex-boyfriend Frederic Beigbeder and many friends. This same June 15, 2019, Laeticia Hallyday inaugurated the esplanade Johnny Hallyday in front of the Zenith of Toulouse, with his daughters Jade (14 years old) and Joy (10 years). A great ceremony tribute, which was attended by thousands of fans for a great time of fellowship.

Nearly a month after the celebration of her wedding, Laura Smet returns to the organisation of this great day in the pages of the magazine Madame Figaro, she made the cover. The daughter of 35 years of Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday evokes the man of her life, the one without which it would never have been able to engage in this great adventure to two. “Marriage to me would have terrified her if it hadn’t been with my Raphael. But with him, I know that I can’t come at a better time“, she says with fondness.

This was going to be misinterpreted

Laura Smet then explains what prompted her to arrange a second ceremony, six months after her civil wedding which was held in the town hall of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. “We got married at the town hall on the 1st of December and we wanted to consolidate our relationship through a religious ceremony. It happened something quite crazy, as all these signs that I have of my father : I had not chosen the date, but we wanted to be in cap Ferret, where I’m going for twenty-three years“, elaborates. After you have contacted the business man and fashion designer Benedict Bartherotte, a long-time friend she considers her “spiritual father”, Laura Smet discovers that there remains “a date available in Notre-Dame des Flots“. On the day of the anniversary of his father. This coincidence causes a reluctance in the daughter of Johnny : “marry on the day of her birthday, without having done it on purpose ? I have ‘taken the lead’ by telling me that this was going to be misinterpreted.” And then Laura Smet decided to “leave the life“.

More “serene, confident, happy” as ever, Laura Smet has had another important step in recent months. “I just moved into a new apartment with my husband and son of 11 years“, she says. All this happiness gives him, without great surprise, the desires of the baby. “It is sure that I will have a child very soon, is projected-t-it. And this is all the happiness that we want.