Laura Smet, the war around the inheritance : “I will continue to beat me,”

In February 2018, Laura Smet stated, I chose to fight in a letter to his father, Johnny Hallyday, after discovering that the singer passed away on December 5, 2017, a lung cancer that is widespread the had disinherited, just like its big brother David Hallyday. Claiming to be sufficiently assisted his seniors in the past, Johnny Hallyday had the desire to guarantee a solid future to his wife, Laeticia Hallyday , as well as their two young daughters, Jade and Joy. A year and a half later, the fight is far from over.

If Laura Smet was left for months to care for his lawyers to speak on his behalf at every appointment of the judiciary, the actress of 35 years evoked the subject of the war’s legacy openly. These confidences are involved Friday, July 12, 2019 in the magazine Madame Figaro, she made the cover. “I know he [Johnny Hallyday] in the past would not have liked what is happening now. I know, I am his daughter, I feel things. This is all that I can say today. I will continue to beat me, maybe not for me but for my children, later. Because my father would have wanted, “says Laura Smet. In this same interview, the daughter of Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday admits upfront that she has a project to build a family with her husband, Raphael Lancrey-Javal, to whom she has been united in a civil union on December 1, 2018 at the mairie of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, and then religiously six months later in the church of Our Lady of the Waves of Lège-Cap-Ferret (Gironde). “It is sure that I will have a child very soon“, she says. Raphael is already the father of a 11 year old boy.

Laura and David, the two fingers of the hand

Laura Smet is not alone in this war legal, it is accompanied and supported by his big brother David Hallyday. The actress explained that her links with her half-brother, were strengthened when their father fell ill. Until then, their relationship was quite distant, the lack of miles of separation. “It was always seen in a gust of wind. He grew up in the United States, and me in France. It has not had the same childhood. When I was little, I saw him as prince charming : I didn’t know who he was, I saw myself as the only daughter, “she admitted. A situation that completely changed when Johnny Hallyday was plunged into a coma in 2009 after a back operation that has gone terribly wrong. “We found ourselves at his bedside, and one has become aware of the immense bond that united us, “recalls Laura Smet. The December 5, 2017, she learns the death of his father David : “He was prevented from sleeping all night to call me.

So many events that brought together Laura David, to the point that she now sees in them “the two fingers” on the same hand.