Laurence Boccolini : Sa beautiful declaration of love to her daughter Willow

Laurence Boccolini (56 years old) is the mother of a little girl born in 2013. On July 6, 2019, she shared a rare photo of Willow with a friend, writing in the caption : “Happiness is love stronger than any… absolute Beauty of friendship (even from dos). Princesses 5 years of age who love each other and hold hands. My heart only beats for you. And nothing matters more than your smile. You first always I wanted to share a little bit of time with all of you who are so caring in my regard. I wish you also much love in your lives. Life is beautiful.

Willow, the child “miracle”

A beautiful statement to his or her child a “miracle”. In effect, the facilitator of the contest facilitators had revealed his infertility in 2008 in his book , Since the storks have lost my address. After many attempts of in vitro fertilisation (IVF), the facilitator of the Money Drop was beginning to lose hope. But in 2013, Laurence was revealing his happiness on his Twitter account : his baby was finally here ! Married to Michael Fakaïlo (37 years old), the couple savored for the joy of being parents.

Determined to enjoy every moment with her daughter, Laurence has been entrusted by the magazine TV Large Chains : “I’m immature. As soon as I don’t see my daughter, I watching. (…) I find it the most beautiful, the most brilliant. I have not missed her first steps, or the first time she said ‘mom’.”

A moment of pure happiness for the facilitator who has suffered from a serious infection in the month of may, fell ill after his return from South Africa where she participated in the show I’m a celebrity… get me Out of here !.