Loana madly thinned : a photo of her new figure in little black dress

At the same time, the mom of Mindy – no more news – he explained that previously she had “not aware of the chance to have the body of naiad” she had it for many years. “And now I can tell you that I enjoy with my curves ! Finally able to feel myself a woman, I look in the mirror and don’t look away, “she continues. I am not perfect, but, for me, I finally won my battle… I’m so happy to be able to share my happiness with you… I would like to thank all of them who have supported me and encouraged.

Nice words on the part of Loana, who has suffered a lot of her weight gain. In the Face of more than 120 pounds displayed on the scale, she decided to take action by undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy, an operation aimed at reducing the size of the stomach by 75% to 80%. “I wish to say that this operation is not a whim because I had three or four pounds to remove. There are many who want to do it just for that. Me I had 40 pounds to lose. It is an operation not to be taken lightly, this is not a whim of star want to do it. And there are still a lot of constraints to do this. After that, it’s worth all the gold in the world“, was entrusted exclusively to in December 2018.