Maeve Coucke and Rachel Legrain-Trapani with his son Gianni, night mode LOSC

While Vaimalama Chaves, the Miss France in a year, has recently returned with much emotion to her home in Polynesia to crown the new Miss Tahiti, Matahari Bousquet, his predecessor Maeve Coucke (Miss France 2018) is also returned to the sources in the beginning of this summer : Thursday, July 4, 2018, it was in the area of his election, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, in the company of a colleague and neighbor, Rachel Legrain-Trapani, former Miss Picardie and Miss France 2007.

The two ex-beauty queens, as the columnist tv Thibaud Vézirian and the duo of comedians Les Twins (Steeven and Christopher Demora), were invited to the LOSC, the football club Lille, and its maker New Balance for the night of revelation of the new jerseys of a Dog for the season 2019-2020. Some of the stars of the team held last season, the high hand at PSG and finished 2nd in the championship and League 1 are on this occasion played the models to present the new models during the event, organized in the city center of the prefecture northerner : Jeremy Foot, and Luiz Araujo wore the new shirt “home”, red of course, “inspired by the raw energy and creative work emanating from the street art in lille, “according to the analysis made by the official website of the club, while Loïc Rémy had unveiled the model of the “outside”, yellow, and Boubakary Soumaré wore the tunic “third”, white and the design of which makes beautiful use of the crest and the Citadel of Lille.

In an electric atmosphere, with the DJ in lille Masterbafunk to maneuver, and very street, where the graf, e-sports, the freestyle and street food were taking their neighborhoods, Maeve Coucke and Rachel Legrain-Trapani are seen to offer the jerseys personalized. Miss France 2018 had the right to a floquage to his name, while Miss France 2007 had requested to register the name of his son, Gianni, 5 years, fruit of its marriage in the past (2013-2016) with the footballer Aurélien Capua, who was accompanying him at the event. With a dad who made his career at the highest level, wearing a long time the jersey of FC Nantes, and a mom who has a weakness for football players (even if his last story, with Benjamin Pavard, ended badly), we can see that the little boy, who has proudly posed in front of photographers with his shirt to his name, has him as the passion of the round ball… moreover, this is often football shirt to see him appear on the account Instagram of Rachel.