Mallaury Nataf in “Mysteries of love” : “This is not a fun…”

Mallaury Nataf has finally decided to seize the outstretched hand of long-time – by the producer Jean-Luc Azoulay.

25 years after the end of the sitcom The Honey and the bees of which she was the heroine, the actress, who has lived for several years in the street and who has lost custody of her three children (Rafael, 21 years old, Angeline, 19 years old, and Shiloh, 10 years), is back with the one who had catapulted to the rank starlet in the 1990s. Thing promised, thing due, the producer has written a recurring role on his hit series The Mysteries of love (TMC). It will soon Lola Garnier, cousin of Helen.

Interviewed by our colleagues from Paris after his first few days of filming before the summer break, Mallaury Nataf (age 47) has agreed to raise this new challenge that she did not want to face in the first time. “This is not a pleasure, she started without taking of gloves. But the team and the shooting are a pleasure. It is very casual. There is nothing complicated for me, which has taken four years of theatre classes and in the theatre every day for nine years until 2003. Before and after The Celebrity Farm 2 in 2005, I’ve also done lots of short films, tips, underground, gothic, well-padded, including one where I suicide with nail Polish. I’m a little bit special.”

And Mallaury Nataf return without a filter on the genesis of this come-back and unexpected : “there are seven, eight months, Jean-Luc had scoured the media to ask for my news. I saw this in me and I found that he was abusing. I said to myself : ‘what mixes does it ?’ The following six months, I did odd jobs, three-time baker, once poissonnière, in Paris, but after a moment it recognized me and it was not very obvious to live (…) I reminded Jean-Luc and he immediately proposed to turn. I understood that his approach was really caring.”

Hope this beautiful collaboration will continue !