Marie-Ange Casta and Marc-Antoine Le Bret were married !

This is a new that we did not expect, given that their romantic relationship was not known ! Marie-Ange Casta (28 years old), the little sister of Laetitia Casta, married the impersonator and comedian Marc-Antoine Le Bret (33 years).

As is revealed in the magazine Closer, the marriage of the couple took place on June 15 at Lumio, a small village situated in the Haute-Corse. The magazine, which also reveals photos of the event, informs that the couple arrived to the church in Ladybug white. Sitting on the wings of the car driven by the father of the bride, the lovers welcomed their loved ones to be sorted on the pane.

Laetitia Casta (41 years old) was of course present at the ceremony. She came with her children but without her husband Louis Garrel who is currently shooting the film My legionnaire, directed by Rachel Lang. Catalina (5 years), the daughter of Marie-Ange Casta, has dazzled the assistance in her little white dress.

As is the tradition, the bride wore a white dress. The supermodel had opted for a creation with puffy sleeves that left her shoulders bare. She was wearing a simple chignon, dressed in a white veil. Far weddings blinb bling, the union of Marie-Ange Casta and Marc-Antoine Le Bret had for its theme the love and simplicity. So it was on the beach with The sugar Loaf as the couple then celebrated this union.

After their marriage, the lovers remained a few days in Corsica as evidenced by their accounts, Instagram respective. On June 21, Marie-Ange Casta has posted a video of her feet in the water. Her husband, meanwhile, has filmed a sequence humorous to Calvi.