Meghan, Harry and the baptism of Archie : forced to raise the secret ?

No media, no public, no information : with their decision to privatize fully, Saturday, 6 July 2019, the baptism of their son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, born two months earlier to the day in a hospital that has either not been designated, the prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been a bad publicity and have generated discontent even in the ranks of their biggest fans.

The ceremony was held in total privacy in the private chapel of Windsor castle – and not in the chapel of St. George which had hosted in the past year, the marriage of the young parents, exposed to the public. And no photographer, with the exception of only Chris Allerton, chosen to carry out the official photos which will be approved and posted later, was not invited, not even to capture the arrivals of the guests, and for good reason : the duke and duchess of Sussex want at any price that the identity of the godparents that they have chosen to Archie remains a secret. Without doubt the point that crystallizes the most frustration, and, in fact, that the editor-in-chief of the magazine Majesty, Ingrid Seward, that the couple has “misjudged the situation” : “they have managed this affair as a secret scandalous then that it was only to share what is an event joyeux”, she summarizes with about.

Violation of the Church law vs. legal vacuum…

In fact, prince Harry and the duchess Meghan, who have deliberately gone out of the presence of the queen Elizabeth II for this moment so special, will they actually keep the secret ? The Daily Express rightly raises the issue, observing that such withholding of information could constitute a violation of the rules of the Church of England (in which the protestant Meghan has been baptized and accepted before his marriage with the younger son of prince Charles), who “have the same force and the same effect as acts of Parliament“. The details of the baptism, such as the names of sponsors are usually recorded in the parish registers, including when it comes to baptisms celebrated in a private chapel, it is stated in an official text of 1978 : “All births must be registered and the document is normally public, for research or the establishment of duplicates, “said a representative of the religious body to journalist Richard Palmer, columnist royal emeritus of the british newspaper.

However, “continues the same critic, pointing at the same time an important detail, the register used in this case is held privately by the staff royal name of the Crown, and it would appear that this has never been subject to the obligations required.” In other words, what is recorded could well remain secret. Except that, as emphasized by Richard Palmer, “it has in theory no importance since the palace announced the names of the godfathers and godmothers, “as was the case, for example, after the baptism of Lady Sarah london: chatto, niece of queen Elizabeth II, who, at the time of his baptism in July 1964 in the private chapel of Buckingham palace, was seventh in the order of succession to the british throne – is the exact rank of Archie today. Godmother… of prince Harry, the daughter of the late princess Margaret today points in 24th place.

Harry “staunchly opposed”

In sum, prince Harry and the duchess Meghan Sussex seem, the fact of the existence of this private register kept at the Windsor castle, have the ability to maintain secrecy on the identity of the sponsors for many years before historians will have access to it ; but, if they decide to use this kind of legal vacuum to do that, they would create a precedent which, in view of the outcry raised by the management of their communication in this chapter, and of their reluctance are obvious (recall that Archie has been presented in private to the interior of the castle of Windsor), might turn against them… The choice is theirs.

According to the tabloid The Sun, that is, of the two spouses, the prince Harry that would be the most staunchly opposed to such information, concerned that Archie could live a life of “average citizen at any point of view“.

In the meantime the rest of the events, predictions are rife over the family of the couple who could be entrusted with this sacred mission : the name of Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hills, friends from college Meghan Markle when she was at Northwestern University (Chicago) and present in London currently, where one has views to the side of the duchess of Sussex in the stands of Wimbledon, have been mentioned ; Serena Williams, absent the baptism for professional reasons (she raced the Grand Slam tournament !), of course office candidate serious, as is the inevitable Jessica Mulroney. Among the few guests of the ceremony were surprised on their way by car to Windsor Saturday, the presence of Tiggy Legge Bourke, who was the nanny of prince Harry, has also received attention.