Meghan Markle at Wimbledon : loyal supporter for his girlfriend Serena Williams

For this new appearance, the duchess of 37 years has relied on a staple of his wardrobe : a blazer striped The Agency, a blue jean high waist in Outland Denom, shoes black, hat, Madewell and sunglasses Finlay. Side jewelry, she wore a necklace Jennifer Meyer with the letter A for Archie, as well as her engagement ring recently redone, its alliance and the eternity ring custom by Harry for their first wedding anniversary.

Meghan and Serena, a friendship that lasts

Match requires, Serena Williams will unfortunately not attend the baptism of Archie this weekend, as it has confirmed at a press conference Thursday. She has also commented on the presence of his girlfriend in the stands : “I knew she was there, and it is always exciting when she comes to see and support the tennis, so I was happy.” The mother of the small Olympia (1 year) has also stated that his daughter would be like “a big sister” to Archie : “I’ve been working on the game for the Olympia, so maybe she can give him advice.