Meghan Markle at Wimbledon : a “nightmare” for organisers

Already under fire from critics for having baptized his little Archie in privacy, Meghan Markle is to be found this time attacked for its passage in the stands at Wimbledon, on 4 July 2019. Come support her friend Serena Williams during her match against the Slovenian Kaja Juvan, the duchess would have made evidence of selfishness vis-à-vis his outfit for his behaviour.

If many fans of the former actress 37-year-old praised her look both chic and casual, with a blazer for The Agency, a blue jean high waist in Outland Denom, shoes black, with a hat-Madewell, sunglasses Finlay and his new collar custom Jennifer Meyer, his set was not to the taste of the organizers of the tournament. As reported in The Times on 10 July, the wife of the prince Harry has not been able to take place in the square reserved to the members of the royal family at court 1 because she was wearing a jean. It was finally installed in an area dedicated to the members of the tennis club, English : “It was a nightmare, it was a nightmare, “reports one of the organizers of the tournament. She wanted to come incognito, but there have been problems.

Puerile and control freak

In addition to his outfit too casual, Meghan Markle finds himself called it “puerile” and “control freak” after his body guard has asked spectators not to take the duchess in the photo. But attending a public event in the middle of thousands of people, and still more viewers, some point out the incongruity of this request… “Harry and Meghan see themselves as celebrities of the first rank of the royal meeting their commitments“, testified a spectator to the Daily Mail, after having been taken up by the body guard of the duchess while she was trying to take a photo of Serena Williams. “There were more than 200 photographers firing towards it but security officers have been sent to warn an old woman like me.

The desire for intimacy of Sussex is even more in doubt since the publication of the annual expenditure report royal funded by the taxpayer in June of last year. It has been alleged that the prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spent 2.7 million euros to renovate their Frogmore Cottage, Windsor. “They can’t have the one and the other, commented the biographer royal Penny Junor at the Sunday Times. Either they do everything in a private way, pay for their house and disappear, or play the game as it should be.”