Mélanie Maudran, mom presents : his family has followed in the South

Over the past nine months, Mélanie Maudran is the heroine of the series, so great sun on France 2.

In order to be able to reconcile his family life with his career, the actor of 39 years old , married to the former tennis player Thierry Ascione has made the choice to embed all her little family (she is the mother of Tom, age 5, and Leo, 3 years old) with her in the region of Montpellier where it connects to the filming of the series to success.

When questioned on this subject by our colleagues from the magazine Tv Star, Melanie Maudran indicated at the beginning of summer : “The idea is that we are still all together, Paris, or Montpellier, that it does not separate. Therefore, it is is organized. The main one, for me, it was the everyday life of my children is not disrupted. And it is fortunately the case.” The family Maudran-Ascione has found its balance between Paris and Montpellier, where the children are in school.

Already questioned about this move in the family by our colleagues from the Gala a few weeks ago, Melanie Maudran had ruled : “It was the condition sine qua non when it was proposed to me to embody Claire. I didn’t want the life of my children is upset, with a mother presents only the weekend.” For its part, Thierry Ascione has reorganized its activities in order to be able to follow the movement. As a reminder, as a coach, he accompanies her foal Jo Wilfried-Tsonga all over the world when he is not in charge of various activities within the council and the real estate.

An interview to discover it in full in the magazine Tv Star, currently on newsstands.