Michel-Edouard Leclerc in bereavement : her mother is dead

Sad news for Michel-Edouard Leclerc : Hélène Leclerc, his mother and the wife of the founder of the group “E. Leclerc” Edouard Leclerc, has died on Friday at the age of 91 years, announced his son, current CEO of the large grocery retailer, on his personal blog.

Hélène Leclerc, my dear mother, is gone today. I would like that we don’t forget his role in the epic E. Leclerc. Because if Edward had the genius of trade, it would not have been able to carry out his projects without the professional and personal qualities of my mother. Here they are reunited again. The adherents of E. Leclerc, the oldest (but a part of most young people, too !) know well the role that she has held for so many years. It was a landmark, a pillar of the organization. At the beginning, she worked with clients in the store, was accounting (which she learned in the course of the evening) and was recruiting the first employees, while Edouard ran the roads in search of products and suppliers“, first pointed out the industrial age of 67.

And he added : “later, when the Movement grew up, she was involved in the structuring of the commercial offer non-food, along with the women members. Dresses, sweaters, shirts, skirts, slippers… she was for many years the textile chez E. Leclerc, current shops on the Trail, conversing with the designers and the renowned brands which have refused to engage us. (…) For my part, I owe him a lot, and, in particular, my awakening to the culture, literature, and the arts. Small, she would take me to the theatre or visit exhibitions. She has also seen to it that I be diligent in the reading sessions, when I was a student at the Petit Séminaire de Viry-Châtillon (…) I am happy to have been able to build with it, the Fund Helene and Edouard Leclerc for culture in Landerneau. It was our joint project. A just recognition for those countless years spent in the shadow of her husband, then her son. (…) But my mother is not leaking out from any challenge. it departure leaves a huge void in the lives of his children and in our Landerneau.

Thomas Montet