Miley Cyrus refuses to be a mum : it reveals the surprising reason

Miley Cyrus has the one of the american edition of the magazine It, for the month of August 2019. The former star of the series Hannah Montana has shipped with the franchise on his current life, which she now 26 years old. Of her relationship with Liam Hemsworth through the maternity ward, she played cards on the table.

Although married since December 2018 to actor Liam Hemsworth, after a relationship of a sawtooth long of almost ten years, Miley Cyrus told the magazine of the attraction for women. “I think people are surprised that I am married. But my story of heart is unique. And I’m not sure I wanted to leave people to get involved publicly, because it is complex, modern and a new genre to the point where I don’t believe that people can understand. (…) I am in a relationship, straight, but I am still very attracted to women. I do not recognize myself in this role stereotyped wife“, she explained. Lovers would they be open to new experiences… maybe three ?

As the company continues to impose a torque going through the box baby, Miley Cyrus opposed a categorical refusal and evokes a reason that may seem surprising : the state of the planet. Remembering the violent fire Woolsey, who caused him to lose his house – her husband too – star was justified. “We put to nature the same thing to women. He always asks for more, and it’s expected that she meets these needs. It is exhausting. It is impossible to meet this demand. We inherits a planet in a beautiful piece of shit and I refuse to pass it on to my child. Until I feel that my child could live on a planet with fish in the water, I will not put the world a new person“, she said.

And Miley Cyrus, back in the bins with the drive She Is Comminges, to sink the nail on the subject : “The company expects that the planet will continue to be fed by humans. And when this is not our choice or our purpose in life, then there is so much judgement and hate to the point of trying to change the laws to force you to take a decision contrary to yours even if you fall pregnant under violent conditions. If you don’t want a child, people have a lot of trouble to you, and you go for a bitch with no heart incapable of loving.