Miximum manufactures smart lists for Music on iOS

Music on the iPhone still offers no way to create a smart playlist, even with iOS 13. You have to go through the Mac, and let this playlist to sync with his iPhone. The small app Miximum task of bridging, in part, that gap.

The software allows you to create up to 3 smart lists (of “Mixes”), after which it will be necessary to pay a small contribution to blast the lock and get additional features. Miximum offers a twenty criteria that will define the content of these lists : genre, artist, track duration, release year, date of last reading, number of readings, etc

Choice of the sources of the pieces and selection criteria with each variable

Can be from an existing list or library to the full. Once the compilation is created there’s a way to play it directly from the app or export it in Music.

The “Mix” can be then exported in Music

The export is probably the option that is chosen but it has a drawback : the contents of the list may not refresh in Music in the course of your additions of pieces. It will return from time to time in a Miximum to get a playlist refreshed, and export it again to overwrite the previous one.

The full version of Miximum can be unlocked with a minimum of € 2.99 (you can give more), it will also make a mode dark, the withdrawal of the strip pub, and the synchronization of Mixes between multiple installation of Miximum.