Molotov at the edge of the explosion : TF1 wants to withdraw its channels

It is the berezina for Molotov. The TF1 group has decided not to renew its distribution agreement with the TV platform. A decision that resulted in the night of the 1st of July by a temporary break of TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Series, Movies and LCI. To continue to disseminate the group’s channels, Molotov has recovered a dvb-t signal, refers to Electron Libre.

To justify its removal, TF1 has indicated to the Echo that the agreement signed with Molotov ” was an agreement to experimental for launch “ and that the platform accuses several late payments. Molotov has restored the broadcasting of TF1, in spite of the breach of contract — breach that Molotov deems to be abusive, the audiovisual group was assigned to infringement and claims 8 million euros, a sum greater than the annual turnover of the platform.

The end of the partnership comes as TF1 prepares with M6 and France Télévisions the launch of Salto, a platform where we can find all the programs live and tape-delayed to these channels… A Molotov bis, therefore, with the difference that the service will be paid (rates are not yet known). The competition Authority is currently examining this project that the president of France Télévisions hope to launch by the end of the year.

After the failure of its merger with Altice at the beginning of the year, Petrol, which has 8.5 million users, is seeking new investors. The episode TF1 falls to the most evil.