Monaco became the first country in the world, 100% covered by the 5G… Thanks to Huawei

It is the 9th July last that Monaco Telecom has launched its network 5G, composed of only 23 sites, which now covers the entirety of the 202 hectares of its territory. The principality thus became the first country to be fully covered by 5G. It is primarily an announcement effect, since other countries, such as South Korea, the United States and Spain, already have cities (even more important in terms of area) that already benefit from it.

A “feat” achieved by Huawei, which has supplied its equipment 5G (apparently famous) to the operator. Guo Ping, the vice-president of the firm is not made to beg to congratulate (via the magazine Challenges). After all, the brand is working with Monaco Telecom since 2012.

Monaco is a territory that is not extended, which allows us to do a showcase in a number of areas, in particular, by involving the development of the 5G to that of the smart city.

The development of 5G is expected to push the transition to the cities connected. In the case of Monaco, this will have implications on areas such as safety, but also the transport.

This is a new (small) thumb its nose at the decree of Trump, who is accusing the company of espionage for months. In fact, european countries do not seem as quick to act against the chinese brand, which team many already many operator in 4G, and has a great expertise in the field. Put such a player aside so may seriously slow down the adoption of this new network within the union. What that does not help anyone.