More than 4000 development studios have decided to collaborate with Google Stadia

Google is a lot of emphasis on cloud gaming, such as the let them hear his recent presentation of the service Stadia. Even if there is no doubt of the group’s financial strength, the major challenge of the platform lies in the fact to offer many titles and exclusives. The last generation of consoles has shown us, the games make a difference in the long-term.

The firm of Mountain View has the air of being confident, as she recently announced that more than 4,000 development studios had already taken steps to collaborate with Stadia. This is Sam Cocoran, the technical account manager of Google, who announced the news at the conference Develop :Brighton.

Applications will not be validated automatically, as members of Google will review each of them to study the projects in question. It would seem, therefore, that the qualitative aspect is put forward to avoid that the service does not become a fair. The studios interested must send their idea of games with a first build and a video presentation on Youtube.

The two parties have obviously much to gain. Stadia must propose titles the more played to attract a maximum of players, and get them to subscribe to a subscription. For their part, the developers see an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Google is a real giant in the field of marketing, and without his power would be a mistake. Therefore, it can prove to be an ally of choice for small developers looking for exposure. But for this it is necessary that the sauce takes. It is thus expected that the opening of the platform to check the enthusiasm of the gamers.