Muriel Robin et Anne Le Nen : Taken by yellow Vests and evacuated

The research against aids, the education, the respect for the environment… celebrities unite for various noble causes. Muriel Robin and Julie Gayet are mobilized in the fight to end violence against women. The two actresses have shown this weekend, during a rally disrupted by an altercation with yellow Vests.

Saturday, 6 July 2019, about 2000 people (according to organizers, 1200 according to the prefecture of police) gathered in Paris to call for immediate action against femicide, the call of a group of families and relatives of the victims. Among them were women, but also men wearing flower crowns (74, for as many murders of women by their husbands, companions or ex-companions identified by a group since the 1st of January), and several personalities.

Muriel Robin, actress Julie Gayet and singer Yael Naïm participated in the event. They have supported Anne-Cécile Mailfert, the president of the Foundation for Women.

In the late afternoon, Republic Square, Muriel Robin, who was there with his girlfriend Anne Le Nen, was taken to a party by a figure of the yellow Vests, Wesson Terran. The man has made charges againstthe cops who would kill the most women“, a debate in which the actress did not want to enter, preferring to try to calm the situation down.

Muriel Robin et Anne Le Nen decided to walk away from the event. Several yellow Vests who accompanied Wesson Terrien began to boo the actress, visibly shocked by the scene, and to hold threatening language, of the type “We will release you !“. The police, on the premises, intervened, mastering Wesson Terran, as well as the body-guard of Muriel Robin, to evacuate, she and her companion.

In a message posted on Facebook on Saturday, July 6, the president and Emmanuel Macron has himself given details of the names of fifty of the victims, before acknowledging : “Ladies, the Republic was not able to protect you.” He adds : “solutions already exist, it is necessary to get to know them, and use them at the slightest doubt. If you are a victim of violence, if you know that one of your relatives is a victim of violence, do not close your eyes, raise your voice.”

The ministry of the Interior has created a platform for online reporting, as well as the 3919, the number of the phone line dedicated to violence against women.