New Ryzen AMD are at the level of an iMac Pro high-end

AMD has released the third generation of processors Ryzen and faithful to his strategy in place for its back on this market by the end of 2016, the company has struck hard in the face of its competitor Intel. While the latter is struggling to get out of the burning to 14 nm and is only beginning to offer processors etched at 10 nm, AMD is taking advantage of this range to pass to 7 nm. This advance enables him to offer better performance than the latest cpus of Intel, at a similar price, if not less.

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We will not discuss in detail this new generation, since these processors remain largely unknown in the world of Apple. If you’re interested, the article dedicated to Ryzen 3000 ofAnandTech , as always, is extremely comprehensive and detailed. To simplify their conclusion, these new AMD processors are at par or even better than the best of Intel, especially in performance and multi-core. The Ryzen are not yet at the level of the Core on a few secondary points, but they consume less and are excellent options in all.

Since 2006, Apple relies exclusively on the processors from Intel’s for its Mac. It must be said that over this period, the processors of AMD were not really interesting, but this is no longer the case since the arrival of Ryzen. All of a sudden the do-it-yourselfers who are building hackintosh have focused on this problem and they are trying to run macOS on these processors without the virtualization. More manipulations than for a hackintosh with an Intel processor, but it is now possible, which simplifies the direct comparisons.

This is precisely what the developer Paul Haddad, creator of the Twitter client Tweetbot especially. He has mounted a hackintosh with a Ryzen 9 3900X, the high-end model that AMD sells now , and he used the performance test Geekbench to assess what it is worth. With a score of 6 190 in single-core and 52 799 in multi-core cpu, this processor is on a par with an iMac Pro top of the range, while the latter is equipped with a Xeon processor W sold more than $2,000.

Scores Geekbench the hackintosh AMD mounted by this developer.

The all-in-one remains in front on the score multi-core, since it has 18 cores vs. 12 “only” for the AMD processor. But this last one takes the advantage in single-core thanks to its base frequency is higher : 3.8 GHz compared to 2.3 GHz. One can compare a processor general public with a professional model sold much more expensive says a lot about the advantage taken by AMD.

The Intel processor is comparable to the Ryzen 9 3900X is the Core i9 9900K that team option, the latest 27-inch iMac. It is sold at the same price and it is top of the range general public of the founder. In the Face of the AMD processor, it is roughly at the same level in mono-core (6 251 points), but largely behind multi-core with a score of 33 000 points approximately. It is logical, it has struggled to compete with its 8 hearts in the face 12 of Ryzen.

All the uses are not optimized for multi-core, but it is typically the case in order to compile an app, that regularly does this developer. The evidence, he compiles another of its apps, Pastebot, more than two times faster on his hackintosh in AMD with its Mac Pro 2013 with its 12 cores. The new Mac Pro which will be released in the fall will be able to do better with its processor that can rise up to 28 cores, but at what price ?

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The business of Intel are not going to get better if we point out that the macOS is not optimized for the processors of AMD and that the results are even better under Linux. And as the third generation of processors Ryzen will welcome in September a higher model top of the range, the Ryzen 9 3950X, that will rise to 16 cores. If AMD keeps its promise, this model should allow better processors grand public Intel on site…

Don’t expect to see the arrival of Mac in AMD, however. The rumor has circulated from time to time in recent years, but this is not the most likely option. If Apple intends to drop Intel as we now think, it will be most certainly to its own ARM processors rather than for x86 processors competitors.