Nikos Aliagas his farewell to Europe 1 : “I am going as a free man,”

Nikos Aliagas had joined Europe 1 in 2011, as a columnist of the morning Bruce Toussaint. For many years, he has remained loyal to the radio station with Out of the frame or ride. And since last September, he was at the controls of the morning , with Two hours of info.

But, even if he was feeling well at Europe 1, the facilitator 50-year-old has taken the decision to leave. And it is this Friday 5 July 2019 and that he made his farewell to the listeners. For the occasion, some people came to attend his last. “The time is not a field that we measure by cubits ; this is not a sea that we measure by miles ; it is the beating of a heart, “said Nikos Aliagas to begin his morning, a quote from his fellow countryman Nikos Kazantzákis.

Before he makes his farewell, Nicolas Canteloup he had concocted a “best-of special Nikos“. And then the presenter said his last words. “Thank you, friends, thank you Europe 1, a radio that I love since my childhood, a radio that is in my heart since the time of Coluche, of Gildas, of Mougeotte, of Lescure. Radio Julie, Lolo Cabrol, the great voices that I have educated, accompanied, amused and want to make an end of the path. The radio creates this intimate link, so fragile and at the same time so powerful with the listeners. Sometimes, we are in travel beautiful, sometimes in trips where it bumps up a little more, but we are still in the journey, “said Nikos Aliagas in a first time.

I too loved this house for the désaimer overnight

He then had tender words for his colleagues : “I was very moved by my colleagues this year who have welcomed me, they knew me for a dozen years as a facilitator, I have discovered as a journalist. We are always between two worlds, but, in the end, this is neither the label nor the pose that interests people, but it is the story, the sharing and the link.

If he leaves, Nikos Aliagas will never forget his wonderful years on Europe 1, during which he learned a lot : “I too loved this house for the désaimer from one day to the next day. I always love, it is part of my DNA. It is a home that to me was as a journalist, as a person and as a father. Look at you all in this studio makes me say that I have done well to emphasize and present with you this morning this year. I am proud, more proud than anything. Europe 1 is a radio very observed. What matters is consistency and that is the story that will continue. I was a link in this story, nothing belongs to us when doing this business. We have no certainty, neither the glories nor the failures. Without you we are nothing.

The host of 50′ inside, The Voice or The Voice Kids (on TF1) has not forgotten to introduce his successor, Matthew Belliard. And to conclude : “I am going as a free man and a man who loves you, thank you all.

The reason for his departure

Last June, Nikos Aliagas had replied to the questions of the Figaro. The opportunity for him to explain the reasons of his departure to Europe 1 : “I am taking a break, simply. It is my decision, and the shareholder Arnaud Lagardère, the respects. There is no concern between us. I had signed on for a season. The result was not decided.” The next season, his audience does not hear, therefore, not on another radio.

Since the end of Star Academy on TF1, I worked non-stop everyday, on the radio or television. I fell asleep every day at 20: 30, before my wife. I feel today the need to blow and to devote myself more to my family and my two young children [Andreas (3 years) and Agathe (6 years), editor’s NOTE]. When my 6 year old daughter and a half, I was recently asked why I never went with him to never to the school in the morning, it made me weird, “added Nikos Aliagas, who hopes to “continue to do things with the Lagardère group“.