Nintendo Switch : After the Lite version, can we expect a Pro model ?

Credits Nintendo

A few days ago, Nintendo confirmed the rumours latent announcing the arrival of a Switch Lite fully dedicated to the gaming nomad by the end of the year. A declination lighter, smaller and obviously less expensive, which has pushed the players to wonder about the possible placing on the market of a declination Pro of the Nintendo Switch original. If no official announcement has so far been made, this more powerful model is found also at the heart of rumors for the past few days, especially since the revelations of The Verge, which published a recent request to change the processor, filed by Nintendo in the FCCID.

Faced with the questions of your community, it is Doug Bowser, the boss of Nintendo America has responded in an article by the website Cnet. If the console 100% portable was obviously the main subject of this interview, the us patron of the franchise has also indicated that the Switch Lite would be the only new console of the brand to see the light of day before the end of the year, before saying that the traditional Switch does not receive updated hardware immediately.

Anything to calm down the fans on the imminent arrival of a new Nintendo Switch upgradée… at least for a time. Confirming that no other new model of the console would be released before the end of the year holidays, the japanese manufacturer leaves a wide door open for a possible official announcement, scheduled for 2020, while ensuring not to cause too much harm to the sales of the console in its original configuration.