Noémie Bannes d'OD Bali is in love

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After venturing into a web series and participating in an almost perfect dinner, this week OD Bali's beautiful Noémie Bannes announces a great news: she has finally found love! The one who never thought she'd meet her prince charming has been in a relationship for a few months now!

During a vlogue with her BFF Shanie Blais, after the former participants of Occupation Double unveiled some new projects, Noémie confirmed that she had been giving true love for almost three months, in an official way: "We met a year and a half ago. We started seeing each other a year ago.

We took our time, we got to know each other gradually. So that's it, we're in a relationship and we're doing great," says Noémie towards the end of the video.

So, who is the lucky one?

The beautiful brunette does not yet know if she will present it to us, insisting on living her relationship in discretion. Perhaps we will see them arm in arm at a future event... Who knows!

Congratulations to the new lovebirds!