Norbert Tarayre : Exasperated by criticism, he puts an end to a beautiful adventure

Friday, 12 July, during a press conference organized by M6 for the new edition of the show The Best Bakery in France, Norbert Tarayre (38 years old), sworn to the program, has made an unexpected announcement : he has decided to stop presenting the programme Norbert, clerk, office.

One who has competed in Top Chef in 2012 and who is known for his banter was explained during a round-table discussion : “as Soon as we begin to put my word in doubt, I am not a milk soup, but it annoys me. They always asked me if it was rigged. After a while, I said to the production and Pierre-Guillaume Ledan and Jérôme Fouqueray [program directors stream of W9 and 6ter, editor’s NOTE] that I stopped. As soon as the public begins to doubt, and it annoys me. I am one of the only animators to do not be afraid to send le to the public if it ever takes me to the head. (…) I’m not afraid to tell people what I think.

Norbert Tarayre was the issuance Norbert, clerk, in office since 2015 on 6ter a priori. In six seasons, he has given not less than sixty and eleven numbers. The concept of the program is the following : the star chef comes to the aid of candidates who are known to be bad cooks, and whose entourage does not support any more of their small dishes.

If the father of the family – he had three girls with Amandine : Gayane (12 years), Laly (10 years) and Aliya (age 6) – stop this program, it announced that it would spin a new one in the back, always on 6ter. “This is one of my ideas. Studio 89 has worked on it. This is a new format that does not exist. It is a mix of genres, there are ideas that I have stitched to the right to the left. It will really be funny“, he said.

It will also be a new tour for the piece of theatre This is not what you think, in which he shares the poster with Séverine Ferrer or even Danièle Evenou. “It was sad to see forty-five dates“, he entrusted at the round table. And one will find it yet in the issuance of Issa Doumbia 100 videos that have made people laugh the world – wide, on W9. On the cooking side, Norbert also of the projects which we will speak to you very soon. Case to follow.