Pokémon Sword and Shield : Gigamax, Pokémon unpublished … Of new information announced

Credit To The Pokémon Company

A few weeks after E3, The Pokémon Company is back on the front of the stage, with new information on Sword and Shield, his next two albums. Announced for the 15th of November next, the new games that come out on Nintendo Switch will mark the start of the eighth generation, including four new Pokémon officially announced in France : Voltoutou, the corgi electrical that we had already noticed during the playable demo of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Charmilly, the Pokemon whipped cream-type Fairy equipped with the talent Gluco-sailing, or Duralugon, the colossus type Steel and Dragon. Finally, players will also be able to meet them on their way Charbi, the Pokémon coal type of Rock, capable of illuminating dark areas, thanks to its red eye.

After Dynamax, welcome Gigamax

The phenomenon Dynamax already had a lot of talk about with the announcement of episodes Sword and Shield. Able to manifest themselves only in specific places, such as Arenas, for example, the next generation of Pokémon will soon be able to count on a new phenomenon just as powerful baptized Gigamax. With the latter, players will be able to use new powers unique to the baptized (logically) Capacity Gigamax, but they will especially to their Pokémon to change, not only size, but also in appearance. Note that, unlike the Dynamax, only certain species of Pokémon will be able to use the ability Gigamax, and even within the latter, the phenomenon does not manifest itself only in some specimens.

With this new announcement, The Pokémon Company has unveiled the first species of Pokémon that are compatible with the Gigamax. Among the monsters already known, Torgarmord and Corvaillus will be able to “gigamaxer”, while on the side of the new, single Charmilly will benefit from this unique ability.