Refurb : the great return of the Mac laptops less than 1000 €

The output of the new Mac laptops had a happy result. As regards tariff, the refurb is back (temporarily at least) competitive.

Want a laptop at a low price ? You currently have the choice between the two MacBook Air at less than 1000 €. The first is “the old MacBook Air” which is proposed for 829 €. However, we can only recommend that you put 150 € more and opt for the MacBook Air Retina 2018. Recall that the only difference with the 2019 model, it is the absence of TrueTone. We must be able to live without !

Want more storage space ? The configuration with 256 Gb is offered to 1189 €, this remains reasonable. In this price, if you want a little more power, there is also the MacBook Pro without having to Touch the Bar to 1169 €.

The MacBook Pro is Touch Bar are also present at the call, but the prices are otherwise higher :

After the Mac laptops, there might be soon again on the iMac on the refurb. The new range has made its appearance recently on the refurb US.