Renaud : Guarded 24 hours on 24 by 2 assistants, without whom “it would be death”

Two years of silence in the media and, finally, an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, Sunday, July 14, 2019. The singer Renaud on his current life, between preparing a new record and getting back into shape after some health troubles. To help, he can count on two assistants.

The singer is 67-year-old revealed at the Paris for four years now, it is guarded 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7, by two men : Pierre, 37 years old, and Bloodi, 53-year-old. They “know the artist for the past fifteen years and have established a friendship. To such a point that, by 2015, the entourage of the singer offers to watch over him during the recording of his new album, the first seven years, “write our colleagues. The first lives near Moulins (Allier) together with his wife and three children and is the job of a factor while the second lies to Lyon (Rhone), with his wife and two children. The duo alternates their guards with Renaud, both in L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Vaucluse) in Paris.

Taking great care to avoid any controversy over what might seem, on paper, to a form of guardianship, they explain : “Three words sum up our relationship with Renaud : trust, loyalty and integrity. We don’t have anything to sell him. There is a super good all of the two and it is essential. Because, like others, we would have been able to steer to the first difficulties. And there has been ! The recording of the album, the three treatments in the clinic [the artist resumed his fight against alcohol last year, editor’s NOTE] ! (…) It is very protective with him, he sometimes goes back to the shoulder straps, you protect it, including himself. He would have died if it was not there. It is also, I think, that his family has confidence in us.

And Renaud, who will release a new disc entitled The kids and the kids first next fall while producing the new album of his friend Dave, to confirm the remarks of his assistants. “Thanks to them, I am never alone. (…) They have plenty of roles. Drivers, cooks, body guards, accountants… This is the first time that I have assistants. They listen to me, advise me. Sometimes even on the album. They comfort me. All the time“, he confesses. Assistants who must also ensure its health, since it has the re-education every morning. “I broke in January, the two radius, the two cubitus, the two cuffs. I have worn the splints for two months, I couldn’t do anything, more eating, more sign an autograph. But it will get better“, he swears.

Thomas Montet