Romeo Elvis is not going to be a dad : he amused himself with the internet…

Romeo Elvis , detailing his relationship with the social networks in a video signed by Franceinfo. The young belgian artist reveals the accounts that he follows, as one of Jul, and talks about his recent post in the company of his girlfriend Lena. For him, it is his best post since it has misled its subscribers and the press (including Purepeople), who saw in it the announcement of the arrival of a future baby. You’ll understand : Lena Simonne is not really pregnant with their first child.

My best post, I have just done, has fun, Romeo Elvis. I announced the release of the clip the Sun , leaving people to believe what they wanted to believe, that is to say, that I was going to be a dad. While I have never, ever said that I was going to be a dad. When I saw that there was a potential rumor to be fed, I fed at the bottom. I had just put a photo of my girlfriend with a pink sky and a blue sky. People thought that meant stuff. Ok, come on, let’s go !