Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: the future watch is unveiled in press release

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: the future watch is unveiled in press release

In addition to its new Galaxy note 10, Samsung should soon introduce a new connected watch, the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This one is revealed in advance with first renderings.

After a first Galaxy Watch Active watch presented at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Korean manufacturer should soon present its successor, the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

We already knew, thanks to Sam Mobile, that Samsung had a new affordable watch in the pipes, but it is now the turn of the Android Headlines website to unveil a first apparently official release of the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

As in the previous escaped photos, it can be discovered that the watch should incorporate two physical buttons on the right side of the case. One of the two buttons is also circled in red, which seems to indicate a particularity, even if we still do not know which one. Moreover, like the first Galaxy Watch Active, this second version should not offer a rotary dial as on the classic Galaxy Watch either.

A leather strap that would be included as a base

You can also discover a bracelet that looks like leather - or imitation leather - which seems to indicate that one of the models offered should offer such a bracelet. Remember that the first Galaxy Watch Active was only available with silicone bracelets and that the leather bracelet had to be purchased in addition. According to information from Sam Mobile published a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 should include an electrocardiogram, but also a fall detection system, like the Apple Watch.

It is not yet known when Samsung's watch will be presented. Nevertheless, as the Korean manufacturer is organizing a conference on August 7 for the Galaxy Note 10, there is a good chance that the watch will be presented at the same time.