Sarah Jessica Parker has been a star of film of “inappropriate behaviour”

Sarah Jessica Parker has also been the victim of the behavior of a man in the early years of her acting career. The star confided on the air with NPR for the show Fresh Air. She explained how the movement #MeToo has made up in his mind of the memories…

Sarah Jessica Parker first spoke of several men who have had with it in the beginning of his career as a behavior “shabby, inappropriate“, before putting the light on a particular person, qualified as a “big movie star“. The actress of 54 years was reported to have taken his courage in both hands, and denounced the behavior of his ex-colleague at his agent because she could not “conceal the extent to which this [the] uncomfortable, at which point it was moved, “and then “everything has changed“. It must be said that the agent of the star had threatened to put SJP in a plane to make him leave the place of shooting definitely…

The result of this incident, Sarah Jessica Parker has faced things with more determination. “I didn’t have to be shy and I could have a frank conversation if needed. I didn’t have to make me listen to jokes about me or my appearance, nor to suffer what the people thought they could convince me to do. All of these men… This has got to stop. The nature of this person, who was really the trigger for me, it was a grown man, a big movie star and he was already very mature, which meant that his personality was not going to change. But I felt so calm and safe and I could finish what I was committed“, she added, delighted to have been able to react.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who has gained notoriety thanks to the series Sex and the City, currently plays in the serie a Divorce in which the third and final season is currently airing in the United States.

Thomas Montet