Serena Williams : His message to Naomi Osaka, nearly a year after the US Open

Why is it that women are called sensitive, crazy and irrationelles when they are passionate, but when men are, they are perceived as passionate and strong ?“, was interviewed Serena Williams after the match. Nearly a year later, the current no. 10 world ranking WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) reveals the message that she had sent to Naomi Osaka, also very moved in the final.

I began to type, slowly at first, then more rapidly with the words that came. ‘Hi, Naomi ! It is Serena Williams. As I said on the court, I am very proud of you and I am sincerely sorry. I thought the right thing defending me. But I didn’t know that the media we stand one against the other. I would like to start all over again. I am, I was and I will always be happy for you and I’ll always. (…) I do not wish you that success, today and in the future. Once again, I am proud of you. With my love, your fan, Serena.

Naomi Osaka had responded and wrote : “Nobody ever defended as thou hast done, and you have to continue to innovate.