Shay Mitchell pregnant : find out the sex of the baby !

Shay Mitchell has just revealed the sex of her baby a way more original. The actress of 32 years, we love all for her role in Pretty Little Liars, has unveiled the gender of her future child in a video published on his YouTube channel, July 4, 2019. There she is, sitting in his garden at the side of his companion, Matte Babel. Exit the baby shower with decorations pastel, pretty gifts and parts mounted : Shay Mitchell has decided to organize a fight between a Power Ranger pink and blue to reveal the gender of her toddler.

The outcome of this battle breathless, which continued until the pool of the mom-to-be, it is ultimately the Power Ranger rose, who has won the fight ! Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel are about to be parents of a little girl. A new to which the actress did not expect really. “I think actually waiting for a boy. It is sure that it is a boy“, said she before the fight.

I thought it would be a boy !“, was surprised even Matte Babel after having learned that he was going to be a dad to a little girl. “I thought I was for so long with a boy. Obviously I’m very happy, but this is incredible, “says Shay Mitchell.