Sheila : Poignant tribute to his son Ludovic disappeared two years ago

Two years after the death of Ludovic Chancel, the sentence feels Sheila is always present. In the pages of the magazine Gala, Sheila confided in December 2018 will not be that “scars“. “The death of his child is inconceivable. Impossible. I’m learning to live with my pain. It is necessary to fill the despair, which is, itself, does not (…) Ludo I miss so much and this absence is unbearable to live. Even if it was cold because I couldn’t take more its excesses, this programmed destruction…“, explained she.

She has requested an investigation into the circumstances of the death of Ludovic stated that she had “reconsidered everything“. “My life, my education, my career. (…) I ressassé… and Then I understood : Ludo had a lot of living to be insurmountable. He never found his place, he has not made the right choices, it has not been achieved“, she continued, stating that her son had “fallen into drugs“.