Shoelace : a new social network for Google

Last April, Google closed the doors of its social network, Google+, whose ambition was to compete with Facebook and Twitter. The initiative, launched in 2011, has not been able to take to users who preferred to competing platforms. But Google has not said its last word.

Make meetings not far from home

Area 120, a group responsible to develop experimental services within the search engine, started to lift the veil on Shoelace. A mobile application, for iOS and Android, is available but only on invitation and to New York for the time being. The principle is to meet people in the area, and to enlarge his social circle.

The application “match” of users according to their tastes and their preferences, and facilitate their meeting, for example, to participate in concerts and other events. According to the site Android Police, the selection is performed by Shoelace is largely based on curators human to verify the users joining the social network and for them to then provide the corresponding interest.

The moderation, this is an essential point for this type of services. The algorithms can be practical, but to keep a good atmosphere, nothing beats a human hand in a social network. Now all that remains is to see if a Shoelace will go beyond the current beta, and if Google wants to expand it to other countries.