Sony is also working on a smartphone foldable, and features were leaked

If Samsung and Huawei have fought a battle particularly hyped to get out their smartphones foldable in the first, other brands are interested in the question. Despite its setbacks on the mobile phone industry, Sony continues to follow trends and prepare also a model of this type.

It is in any case what is stated by the leaker Max J, also known under the name of @Samsung_News on Twitter. The latter was even given a part of the technical data sheet, by referring to a video of our brothers of the Reports.

It indicates that the slab folding would be provided by LG and refers to a design ” Nautilus “, without giving further details. According to him, the power will be at the appointment since it will be equipped with a Snapdragon 855 compatible 5G thanks to the famous modem X50. The autonomy could be ensured by a battery of 3220 mAh, while the photo sensor would provide a zoom x10. A technology that has already proven itself on the Oppo Reno X10 Zoom and the Huawei P30 Pro.

Even more surprising, the project would already be well advanced. He said in effect that he might be ready for the month of December or at the beginning of the year 2020. It would, therefore, only a few months to finish it, which we think is short. We imagine that the brand does not intend to produce them massively, even if this market is focused on luxury can represent an interesting alternative for the firm. If these reports are true, we should quickly hear about it again.