Stranger Things season 3 : Microsoft is launching a version 1.11 Windows in homage to the series

Credits Microsoft

Since the beginning of the month of July, Microsoft was amused teaser internet users on the social network, announcing the arrival of a brand-new Windows. After a cryptic tweet promising a release on the 8th of July, and a few visuals taken straight out of the 1980s, the mystery is finally lifted, when some of the american internet users have discovered there are a few hours, the application Windows 1.11 from the Microsoft Store. Direct reference to the very first version of the operating system 1.0 release in 1985, the software, which is only available on the north american version of the online store of Microsoft promises to return us to the days of the Franc and of the space shuttle Discovery, with the presence of software of that time such as Paint, or Write, reports the site The Verge. A sudden communication successful for the builder, who signs at the same time a nice partnership with season 3 of Stranger Things, of which the scenario takes place in 1985.

The nostalgic of Windows 1.0 should therefore find some of the software the most iconic of the era presented in the form of games, with a interface of circumstances, and a few easter-eggs well-felt on the new adventures of Eleven and his band. Attention, the app is still rated PEGI 16, and is thus not recommended for most young people. To note that despite all the good will of the application, Windows 1.11 suffers all the same a slight anachronism. Season 3 of Stranger Things, which has already been watched by 40 million accounts Netflix around the world is indeed supposed to be taking place during the summer of 1985, when Windows 1.0 was not released until 20 November of the same year.