The Feast in the house : A handsome actor made his coming out

Juan Pablo Di Pace has decided to speak openly about his sexuality and has publicly made his coming out on the occasion of an invitation to a TedX conference Talks. In the video, uploaded on YouTube on June 29, 2019, we may hear him speak with sincerity and emotion.

Although invited in march last to speak, the intervention of Juan Pablo Di Pace has therefore been revealed that, in June and the period has not been chosen by chance since it corresponds to the Pride parade, pride LGBT to the four corners of the world. In the video, titled The Story of Your Life, the actor and singer of argentina has spoken of his homosexuality from childhood to his first steps in show business, actant the moment where he finally understood that he could assume when he took the role of Jesus in A. D. The Bible Continuous on NBC.

Of all the people in the world who could play this role, it is to me that they have given. So, here I am, hanging from a cross, in Morocco, and I looked at the sky and I thought : ‘You could me down with lightning a lightning strike. Are you sure that you want it to be me who plays your son ?’ Instead, I felt an immense wave of love and acceptance and freedom that I can’t convey with words. A message from God ? Perhaps“, he recounted.

And the hunk to explain that before getting to that point as a young teenager he refused to accept to be gay. “To be accepted by the others, it was this that made me feed and, as an agreement, I did everything for. I even thought that if I could change the gay in me, I will be accepted“, he added.

Juan Pablo Di Pace has embodied the character of Petros in the film Mamma Mia ! and played on the small screen in the series for teens or Physical Chemistry but also, and particularly in the Feast in The house : 20 years after (Fuller House in English, on Netflix), in which he plays Fernando.