The iPhone to 2019 amount to an internal design more simple

IPhone X and then iPhone XS, XS Max and XR include a motherboard, folded back on itself and which takes a form of L. This internal design quite complex, is necessary for the battery, it is also L-shaped so that the previous iPhone models adopted an elongated rectangle more classic. If you believe this picture supposedly of the mother board is assigned to a iPhone 2019, Apple would be a more streamlined design.

Here’s what would be the motherboard of iPhone which will be presented in the fall.

The motherboard would remain in two pieces folded on themselves, a tip to save space on the inside. But it would be a simple rectangle, which should leave more space for other components. Apple could take the opportunity to drag a battery bigger, but it could also be a response to the module dedicated to the camera, which should integrate a third sensor this year if we are to believe the rumors.

And here is the motherboard of an iPhone X (image iFixit).

Except for the third camera on the back of the device, the rumor does not foresee major changes to the exterior of the new iPhone. Apple could, however, use this year to conduct a comprehensive review of the internal design of the smartphone. Response in a few months again…