The Joker-Joaquin Phoenix will have nothing to do with the comics

Adaptations of comics have the wind in their sails the past few years, boosted by the successes of the MCU, which draws all of its essence of the comics of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. With this popularity that is the envy of, attempts are increasing in many franchises.

At each of its adaptations, a number of questions are asked : at what point is it necessary to follow the narrative of the work paper ? Should they stay faithful to the original down to the finest detail, or the change of medium makes sense-it’s a couple of takes of freedom ?

In any case, it is clear that these issues do not prevent Todd Phillips to sleep. And for cause : the director of the next film on the origins of the Joker with Joaquin Phoenix has chosen to do nothing to follow comics ! A bias dared, who will certainly not fail to push the loud screams of the fans most invested. But far from being unconscious or unrealistic, Phillips assumes even offend fans of the first hour !

“We haven’t followed the comics, and it’s going to upset people. We have just written our own version of the origins of a guy like the Joker. It is this that seems to me interesting. It’s not even the Joker, but on the fact of becoming the Joker. It is only about the man “

No link to expect with the DC universe as it was designed, therefore : it will be an original movie, which revisits in his own way one of the characters most iconic of a series of comics legendary.

Joaquin Phoenix will have bread on the board

A direction that will not likely be of a nature to reassure Joaquin Phoenix, who already declared recently to be very intimidated (to remain polite) by the fact of embodying a character as iconic, that leaves no one indifferent.

Especially to the extent where a series of actors brilliant have already succeeded in the famous costume in purple. We remember all of Jack Nicholson, for example, but especially by Heath Ledger, was absolutely amazing in The Dark Knight.

Following this information, and as intended by the director, fans of the DCEU are already starting to ask, why the name of the Joker has been used, it is not based on the comics. Whatever it is, it will have to wait with the trailer fly high exit last April until next October 9 to go see the Joker in the rooms.