The return of Touch ID (on the screen) on an iPhone low cost intended for China ?

While the constructor was betting a lot on China to sell more iphones, the expectations Apple has finally been compromised, both by a decline in overall sales of smartphones, but also by the rise of chinese manufacturers who have been able to offer devices that are extremely powerful at a fraction of the price of the iPhone.

In these conditions, and always to conquer the chinese market, Apple is reportedly preparing a new iteration low cost of the iPhone especially dedicated to the Middle kingdom, according to the chinese magazine Caijing, in which the information has been taken up by the Global Times.

To lower costs, the firm of Cupertino could abandon in the Face of ID on this model, the benefit of Touch ID. However, it would not be the old system of unlocking by a fingerprint integrated in the Home button as we are used to see in the Apple, but ofa player is directly integrated to the screen, like what you can find in the android world.

According to the sources of Caijing, the facial recognition system from Apple is too expensive to produce, and could not, therefore, be integrated in a low-cost iPhone. On the other hand, the sensor footprint built-in the screen is a technology that is now widely proven by many manufacturers, and in addition, offers the advantage of being able to provide a screen edge to edge, without a notch.

This iPhone low cost could be presented as a new iteration of the iPhone. Again, the fact that it is intended for the chinese market seems to be rather implausible, since the WILL is precisely renowned for its compact size, while China is fond of large slabs. By the way, it seems pretty amazing that Apple is preparing an iPhone model only for one country. The firm has, in effect, never opted for such a strategy in its history.

It is quite unlikely that this hypothetical iPhone is introduced in September, alongside the successors of the iPhone, XR, XS, and XS Max. We could, however, find it again the next year, while many rumors suggest a successor to the iPhone in 2020.