The trade relations between american firms and Huawei can resume

One has a little better breathing at Huawei. Donald Trump and his chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, agreed at the beginning of July a truce on the front of the trade war which poisons the economic relations between the two countries. The manufacturer and equipment manufacturer in china which was in the line of sight to the White House, may resume its business relations with u.s. firms.

An easing in conditions

The restrictions are so lifted… but not all. The u.s. companies that produce components related to the national security of the country are still unable to resume the supply from Huawei. A rule sufficiently fuzzy that leaves space for interpretations : how to determine if the chips Qualcomm Snapdragon, in the hands of Huawei, are not a threat to the security of the United States ?

In any event, it will be for the u.s. government to issue authorizations for companies that want to resume their relationship with Huawei. The chinese group is registered on the black list of the department of commerce and the suppliers of Huawei will have to meet certain conditions to get their safe-conduct.

Washington has not indicated whether this favour done to Huawei ran for a limited time. If this is the case, trade may be limited, the relationship between a supplier and a customer based generally on the long-term. In short, the sword of Damocles is always hanging over the head of Huawei.